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About Us


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IIUM Centre for Strategic Continuing Education and Training (IIUM CRESCENT) was established on 25th Feb 2015 by merging the Strategic Business Units (SBUs). IIUM CRESCENT offers various academic, professional and leadership training programmes and established to promote good governance and excellence in the administration of the executive educational programmes, professional development trainings and continuing education courses emphasizing on life-long learning offered by the faculties, institutions and centres International Islamic University Malaysia. IIUM CRESCENT is entrusted with the function of synchronising the administration of executive programmes and continuing education to promote excellence in administration and achieve efficiency in utilisation of resources. IIUM CRESCENT will streamline the marketing and promotion activities to promote sustainable growth and promote IIUM as a trusted brand & partner in providing higher education.

IIUM CRESCENT offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to the members of the business, management, education, banking and legal fraternity and various other professionals seeking to improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the abilities in business management and administration, legal research and writing essential in seeking for career development, promotion and employment opportunities in various sectors.

IIUM CRESCENT besides the commitment to offer structured skills, enhancement and professional competence programmes, also seeks to assist in updating professional knowledge and the improvement of professional competence throughout a person’s working life. IIUM CRESCENT is committed to promote professionalism, keeping up to date and continuously seeking to improve is necessary as it is the key to optimizing a person’s career opportunities, both present and for the future.

The programmes offered at the IIUM CRESCENT are engaging, informative and progressive, embracing ‘best practice’, simple and easily understandable knowledge. It is neither excessive demanding nor uninteresting. The programmes offered stimulates the desire to learn more and participate in meeting the changing needs of development agenda at both the national and global levels.IIUM CRESCENT is working towards establishing good relationship between IIUM and local industries, skills training institutions, higher learning institutions, as well as government agencies that are involved in the field of training programmes, continuing education courses and professional development programmes to add value and enrich our programmes.


Programmes Offered

Graduate School of Management Programmes

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master in Management (MMgt)
  • Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

 Human Sciences and Islamic Knowledge

  • PhD in Arabic Linguistic Studies
  • PhD in Arabic Literary Studies
  • PhD in Communication
  • PhD in English Language Studies

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Advanced Law and Shari’ah Studies

  • Master of Law in Business Law
  • Master of Administration of Islamic Law
  • Master of Law in International Law
  • Master of Law in Islamic Finance and Banking
  • Diploma in Administration of Islamic Judiciary
  • Diploma in Legal Practice and Shari’ah


Languages and Public Courses

  • Standard Arabic Intensive
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Quranic Recitation
  • Foreign Languages