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Arabic Course for the Public – iiumcrescent

Arabic Course for the Public

Arabic Language is the language of Islamic civilization and currently is expanding as a language of communication. The areas covered in the courses offered at the Institute are from the fundamentals to advance level The classes are handled by well experienced instructors in the Arabic language.

Students will be exposed to Arabic characters up to diction and conversation. The teaching materials ranges from easy to advanced Arabic texts. Some aspects of the Arabic culture will also be exposed to the participants to enhance their understanding of the language.

The courses are offered three times a year at all IIUM campuses in Gombak, Petaling Jaya, and Kuantan. The participants can choose to meet twice a week (Wednesday and Friday , 8pm-10pm) or once a week (Saturday, 9am – 1pm).

The course fee is RM 500, excluding the materials, for 40-hour course per level / 10 weeks. This course consist of 6 level of Arabic language and Tafsir Harfiyyah for those who want to study Arabic by using Quranic’s Arabic language.