Certificate in Company Law & Secretarial Practice (CCSP)


  • To Introduce and clarify the concept of corporate entity and applicable law and regulations, which regulate companies in Malaysia and relevant procedures in relation to company’s decision-making process and documentary compliance with the Companies Act 1965.
  • To provide and develop a through knowledge and understanding of the company secretary’s role as required by the Company Act 1965 and its related legislation, regulations, guidelines pertaining to corporate governance and the proper conduct of meetings.
  • To provide and develop a through knowledge and understanding of Law and Procedure of relating to company and board meetings.
  • To provide knowledge of business law rules that are relevant to the operations of a company and to the way companies engage with its customers , employees and other stakeholders
  • To clarify the importance of ethics and governance in management of companies so that corporate managers will be able to internalize these values.


  • Explain the role, functions and duties of the management and shareholders’ body in a company
  • Explain relevant business law rules and taxation rules that apply to a company in its business.
  • Clarify and identify legal issues in a given problem and provide solutions in relation to company’s decision-making process
  • Identify the relevant forms and procedural requirements that need to be used and complied with to enable company to function in accordance with the Companies Act.
  • Communicate and convey their advise and views about the subject matter as these are further developed in the assessment of the course.

For the Malaysian candidates, the CCSP programme is expected to produce capable Licensed Company Secretaries who will adhere to the SSM’s Code of Ethics that emphasises the principles of sincerity, integrity, responsibility and corporate social responsibility. Company secretaries assume a vital role in enhancing business entities compliance of statutory requirements, to serve the stakeholders by adopting transparent business operation and good corporate governance, and also to eectively contribute towards nation building by apportioning business income for paying tax and involve in corporate social responsibilities.
Please note that CCSP is a pathway for professional qualication for Malaysian Company Secretaries and is not meant for a pathway for a higher formal education.

Among subjects included in the programmes are:

  1. Gen. Principles of Law
  2. Principles of Business Law
  3. Business Taxation
  4. Company Law 1
  5. Law of Meetings 1
  6. Company Secretarial Practice 1
  7. Companies Secretaries Training Programme (CSTP)
  8. Ethics and Governance
  9. Corporate Secretarial Skills
  10. Principles of Accounting
  11. Company Law 2
  12. Law of Meetings 2
  13. Company Secretarial Practice 2

Duration of program : 2 Semester (10 months)
Medium of instruction : English
Teaching Methods : Lectures and Seminars


The programme is opened to those who have prior experience in the business related to company secretaries and to those who have Diploma or any other qualications from recognise institutions and approved by the University authorities.

Course Fee

Rm 5,500.00 (Malaysian Students)

Rm 12,500.00 (Foreign Students)