Certificate in Middle East Studies

The main aim and objective of Certificate Course in Middle East Studies are to expose the participants to the basic knowledge about politic, societies and economies of the Middle East; highlight the nature of political and economies issues of the region; provide formal foundation for understanding the intricate and complex nature of politics of the Middle East; demonstrate the need for integration of the Islamic perspective into the Middle East studies.

Duration and Venue

Duration for Certificate Course in the Middle East Studies is three (3) months
Classes will be held on weekends.
Venue of Classes: Training Room, CERDAS

Target Participant

  • Civil servant in agencies dealing with the Middle East.
  • Staff working in banks/financial institutions/market research companies, and other organizations requiring expertise and knowledge about the Middle East.
  • Academics wishing to further their in the Middle East.

Tuition Fee

RM 4240

  • ‘O’ Level or SPM or any paper qualification which is equivalent
  • Fluency ( both oral and written) in English
  • Age between 17 and 65 years old
  • 80% of attendance is required for certification
  • Classes and instructions for the program are to be conducted in English