Diploma in Law and Administration of Islamic Judiciary (DAIJ)


To provide the essential foundation knowledge and skills needed in administration of the Islamic judiciary in Malaysia aimed at producing experts in the area and to provide grounding for anyone seeking to further their knowledge in Syariah judiciary and advocacy practice.

Who should apply ?

Those who intend to joint the service as the Syariah Court Officials.

Programme Description

Duration : 1 year (2 Semesters) – Full Time
Class Schedule : Monday – Friday (8am – 5.00pm)
Medium of Instruction : Bahasa Melayu and Arabic

Duration : 1 ½ years (3 Semesters) – Part Time
Class Schedule : Saturday (9am – 5.00pm)
Medium of Instruction : Bahasa Melayu and Arabic

Courses offered

  • Teks Undang-Undang (Arabic)
  • Undang-Undang Keluarga
  • Sistem Perundangan Islam
  • Sistem Undang-Undang Malaysia
  • Kaedah Kajian & Mooting
  • Kaedah-Kaedah Feqah
  • Acara Jenayah Mahkamah Syariah
  • Undang-Undang Keterangan
  • Undang-undang Jenayah Islam
  • Acara Mal Mahkamah Syariah
  • Pengurusan Harta Pesaka

Entry Requirements

Specic requirements

  • Possess a Bachelor of Laws (Shariah) with Honours [LL.B. (S) (Hons)] Degree from IIUM; OR
  • Possess a Bachelor of Shariah from any other Universities recognized by IIUM; OR any other equal qualications approved by IIUM AND
  • Possess a Pass at the SPM level or equivalent with at least a Credit in Bahasa Malaysia or equivalent.
  • Obtain exemption after sitting for the IIUM-administered Arabic Placement Test (APT).

Programme Fee
Full Time : RM 15,265.00 (Malaysian Students)

Part Time : RM 15,552.50 (Malaysian Students)

Fee Structure