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English Language


The pre-university language programme is for anyone who wishes to follow intensive language courses to upgrade their English .You don’t have to be an IIUM student to join our programme! The courses do, however, emphasise English for academic purposes and students who follow the entire programme will be prepared for the IIUM’s English Placement Test (EPT). If you pass the EPT, you will have satisfied the English language requirements for entry into the IIUM.


Once you register with IfLA on the Pre-University programme we will give you our English Placement Test which will place you at the most suitable level for your particular needs.


Classes are conducted from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm.


On the IIUM Campus in Kuala Lumpur


Level 1 ( 7 weeks with 20-25 contact hours per week )

This is a basic language course for students with zero level of proficiency. It is an integrated task based approach course where students are taught the basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The course also concentrates on introducing basic vocabulary and grammar items. The students are taught to form certain grammatical structures and to write simple dictation passages. At the end of this course, students are able to use the language in simple situations or contexts.

Level 2 ( 7 weeks with 20-25 contact hours per week )

The second level of the English programme continues to focus on the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. It equips learners with skills and knowledge of the English language to enable them to comprehend (read and speak) in and out of the classroom. The skills are taught in an integrated manner. New vocabulary and grammar items are introduced. At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to write a simple paragraph.

Level 3 ( 7 weeks with 20-25 contact hours per week )

The Level 3 course employs a multi-layered syllabus, which includes comprehensive grammar and vocabulary and incorporates systematic work on listening, speaking and reading and writing. It adopts an integrated approach to pronunciation, and includes regular recycling and revision. Learners are encouraged to take an active role in learning and listening to the language in a greater variety of situations. The course aims to guide learners in the language acquisition process step by step through new language tasks by providing all the support, control, guidance, security and opportunity in order to communicate successfully.

Level 4 ( 7 weeks with 20-25 contact hours per week )

The level 4 course has a multi-layered syllabus which includes a comprehensive grammatical and vocabulary syllabus which incorporates systematic work on listening, speaking,reading and writing, It takes an integrated approach to pronunciation, and includes regular recycling and revision. Learners are able to take an active approach to learning and using the language they know at this level.

Level 5 ( 7 weeks with 20-25 contact hours per week )

The course is designed to integrate the four skills, namely reading, listening, speaking and writing using general texts as well as science and technology based materials. The students will be given practice in reading and extracting information from science and technology texts, taking notes from tape-recorded texts, participating in discussions and presenting information and writing in the relevant genres.

Level 6 ( 7 weeks with 20-25 contact hours per week )

The Level 6 course is an academic focused English course that treats the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills separately. At this level, greater emphasis is given to academic English. Grammar is also taught to enable error identification and correction. At the end of the course, students will be able to write a complete academic essay and be ready to take the University’s English Placement Test or the internationally recognized IELTS.

Mode of Application

Applications are to be made on the prescribed forms, which may be obtained from the IIUM CRESCENT. All documents must be in order upon submission. A complete application package should consist of the following items :

  • Age below 25 years old.
  • A complete and signed application form.
  • Certified true copy of Transcript/mark sheets.
  • Non-refundable application processing fee of RM 20.00 **
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • School Leaving Certificate/References.
  • Recommendation Letter **
  • 2 copies (All pages) of the international passport with at least 2 years validity **
  • 4 recent passport-size, colour photographs
  • Financial Statement. **
  • Any other relevant documents

** Only for international students

Student VISA (only for international students)

The institute will apply to the Malaysian Immigration Department to grant a “student visa” to successful applicants. The approval letter from the Immigration Department will be sent with the offer of admission to the applicant. The document will allow successful applicants to enter Malaysia for the duration of 12 months subject to the approval by immigration. This visa is renewable thereafter. Foreign students must undergo a medical test at a local hospital/medical centre and must subscribe to an insurance policy before their application can be considered by the Immigration Department. (Please refer to our office for further details).

  • Please take note that according to Malaysian law, foreigners granted a “student visa” are not allowed to work.
Standard of Evaluation

Total evaluation is 100%, comprising of a Continuous Assessment mark totaling to 50% and the final exam totaling to 50%. Upon completion of both parts, the marks will be graded as shown below :

Evaluation of Student Performance

Evaluation of courses offered by IfLA is based on the following grading scale :

Marks Grades Grade Points Remarks
85 – 100 A 4.00 Excellent
75 – 84 A- 3.67 Extremely Good
70 -74 B+ 3.33 Very Good
65-69 B 3.00 Good
60 – 64 B- 2.67 Fairly Good
55 – 59 C+ 2.33 Satisfactory
50 – 54 C 2.00 Quite Satisfactory
45 – 49 D 1.67 Poor
40 – 44 D- 1.33 Very Poor
35 – 39 E 1.00 Extremely Poor
0 – 34 F 0.00 Fail