Islamic Fundamental Course (IFC)


CERDAS as one of the Islamic consultancy units in International Islamic University Malaysia is responsible for assisting new converts in fulfilling their needs for Islamic related knowledge in a more formal and structured environment. Islamic Fundamental Course (IFC) is a structured platform of knowledge sharing to further enhance their knowledge in Islam. IFC was first conducted in 2011 which took 24 weeks and 36 credit hours to complete.


  1. To equip new Muslims with structured and formal programme on knowledge of Islam
  2. To prepare new Muslims to become strong believers of Islam
  3. To prepare the participants to be qualified


  1. Introduction to ‘Aqidah
  2. Introduction to Fiqh
  3. Introduction to Islamic Ethics
  4. Introduction to Qur’an
  5. Introduction to Sunnah
  6. Introduction to Islamic Worldview

Target group

New Muslims who are interested in enhancing their knowledge in Islam

  • There is no specific academic qualification required to enroll in this programme. Any new Muslims are welcomed to join the programme.

    Date of Commencement

    May 2014

    Tuition Fee


    Medium of Instruction

    Classes and instructions for the programme are to be conducted in English


    Seminar Room CERDAS, IIUM